Saturday, December 15, 2012

this girl

Yesterday my heart was just so broken about those babies in that kindergarten classroom.

I mean, I know I wasn't alone.

We got a call last night for a little kindergarten girl who needed a place to stay.

I was looking forward to a quiet bed time, wine, and Sherlock. Not in that order, of course.

I said she could stay here. Of course, right?

I mean, if there wasn't any room in the Inn for Jesus, how great is it if I say no to a 5 year old with no home?

She is here, trying to help Scott figure out how to set up the Wii. We went to see Santa today, and she says she has never met him.

"He's a pretty great guy," she says.


"Aunt Rachie? I'm gonna be pretty sad when I have to leave here."

Sienna, taking very seriously her visit to Santa's train


Thoughts for the day said...

so sweet how can a five year old not ever have seen Santa? I know it happens and I know you will have a wonderful impact on her. Praying her Christmas will be hopeful and healing.

Jess said...

Thank you and Scott for doing what you do. Really, I mean that. You help those who are hopeless and defenseless and that is so much more than the rest of us do.

Foster Care Q&A said...

She sounds very sweet! I'm a foster mom too, and my kids hadn't seen Santa either before we took them. Sadly, the oldest seems to think that Santa never visited her before because she wasn't a good girl. :(

Cole said...

Rach, that's such a sweet experience you gave her! She'll always remember it...your family exudes the love we all should each and every day! :)