Sunday, December 16, 2012

Facebook lockdown

It was so good for me when I was off of Facebook last April for 5 weeks. I'm doing it again. I just need to recenter, refocus, re-energize.

I love debating and hearing different points of view and playing the devil's advocate and all that jazz, but sometimes it just feel so HEAVY and too much.

The circumstances of our new little girl's being here (she's 5) are alot. They're sad. She's already asked to call us Mom and Dad.


That is so sad to me...

What isn't sad to me is the way my kids have welcomed her with open arms. Lucy insists she sleep in her bed, and she and Asher play all day long.

I just need a breather. On Friday a friend and I got into a bit of a heated debate over gun control. Honestly, I think we were both shocked at the news of the shooting and took it out on each other.


Just what we all need to be doing now, right?


Court for our newest girl is on Tuesday. Right now she's just in Police Protective Custody.

5 little mouthfuls of teeth to brush. They were all lined up in a row, and Scott was busy.

My brother's girlfriend sent us her old Wii, and an outfit for Phoebe. The crowd went WILD! Thank you,  Billie!

Here is Scott, setting it up:

Tomorrow we will go to the store and go outside for a bit, just do normal hum-drum things. I like hum-drum and I like blooming where I'm planted and stopping to smell the roses and all that jazz.

I also enjoy stopping by the ol' blog to write down some snippets.

I just used the word "snippets".

That is also sad to me.


Jess said...

I left awhile ago and while I hate that I miss out on so much good stuff (the BBC girls!!) I really find that I am happier without it.

Abby said...

But we just became friends!

Claire said...

Nothing wrong with snippets. ;)

Thoughts for the day said...

I enjoy anything you write, you are real and honest and very busy.
Blessings to you always.

JJ Kunard said...

I'd wondered where you were. Enjoy your bonus baby! J

MamaFoster said...

wow! a new one!