Monday, November 12, 2012

Will T-Bird be here for Thanksgiving?

We are 7 months and counting that T-Bird has been here.

To say that she is the easiest two year old I have ever met would be a lie, but to say that she isn't any fun would also be a lie.

She's just, well, very sassy and two years old. She is also incredibly sweet. On Halloween I emailed Scott and told him to GET HOME NOW (It was 4:13 pm). I was ready to pull my hair out. T-Bird (that's what we call her more than anything) was being extra sassy and leading Phoebe into sinning of all kinds - grabbing things she wasn't supposed to be grabbing in the kitchen, trying to sneak outside, and her favorite activity, removing her diaper/pull up.

She enjoys leading Phoebe in any and all of these activities.

I didn't even want to go trick-or-treating because she was irritating me so badly. Scott convinced me to go, and while we were sauntering down the street she started up singing, "Jesus Loves Me" in her adorable, tiny sweet little innocent Precious Moments doll voice. Scott commented, "She really does have two extremes, doesn't she!"

Whenever something is being handed out (food in the bread line, pajamas, hair combings), she always ALWAYS makes sure that Phoebe gets what she gets. "Need one for Fifi" is her most common phrase.

I must say that before she got here, in April, I did have a little bit too much time on my hands during the days. My kids are...pretty easy, as far as kids go. They're very laid back and pretty compliant - except for Lucy, but that's because she's 7 and going through her very first hormonal surge, according to Dr. Dobson.

Yesterday I had the worst parenting day ever and said things I knew I'd regret but she made me see red when she used some bath salts I was intending to use. I got rid of her four favorite toys. I am too easy on that kid, I tell you. Anyway. Dr. Dobson says she is going through the first of 76 hormonal surges, so I just let her cry in her bedroom for awhile.

Don't roll your eyes. I want to marry Dr. Dobson.

So, today I was at Costco (notice a trend?) and this adorable girl came up to me and said, "Rachel! I read your blog!"

It was super cool and fun. (omigosh, aren't you jealous you weren't there for a meeting of bff's) I read her blog, too! She lives 20 blocks away from me so we are going to hang out. Hello, new friend!

It goes without saying that everyone ends up with a cinnamon and sugar mustache after Costco. It also goes without saying that I see people I know. I had lunch with my neighbor and saw my OB, who also saved my life. I helped her pick out a coat. She was looking for a red one for her Secret Santa person but the one she held up was pink. She asked if it was red enough and I said, "Yes." I mean, the lady saved my life. I'm not going to argue.

I just called T0Bird's relative, the place she is hopefully (fingers crossed, people) going before her emancipation in 16 years. I said to Scott, "I wonder what she'll be like as a teenager!"

Scott said, "Well, we just might find out!"

and we both laughed.

If you do foster care, you are laughing, too.


Kelsey said...

Ha! Hi new friend! So fun to bump into you at Costco. And I'm glad I didn't freak you out too much. :)

Hope we can continue our conversation soon!

Thoughts for the day said...

You really are blessed to have her and SHE Is blessed to be with you in your home. Count every day as a gift you are giving her. You will not be sorry later I am positive.