Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Facebook is annoying

I keep trying to think of things to write here. Sometimes I write just to find out what it is that I have to say.

Baby Man's new foster mom called and said he took his first steps. I was very happy for him. I was also very happy that he's not walking around my house, making it necessary for me to chase him everywhere. 

We have gotten two calls since he's left. One was for a set of siblings, two months old and 12 months old. Please, try and figure that one out. Another was for a set of siblings, ages two years and four years.

Phoebe is three months old. I love that little girl. She has healed so many places in my heart. One of the things on my long list of things to do is "start writing a book." Honestly, friends, I don't feel the pressing need to revisit all of those sad, dark emotions right now. 

I am annoyed with Facebook. It is a double-edged sword. I love seeing what people are doing but I also hate seeing what people are doing. Something about it seems so self-important. I look at what I've written as status updates and it is all so trivial. Another thing I hate about Facebook is how you can offend people without even realizing it. I love the English language and hate it when people treat it sloppily. It happens all the time on Facebook. I want to correct everyone, and I realize that is an annoying habit of mine.

Did you know that once the language starts to slide the culture goes with it? Check out your local history book.

I see grammar errors in our local newspaper. I affectionately call it "The Falling Star" because it's mainly full of liberal-type drivel. There are often grammatical errors in the headlines. PROOFREAD, people! It's not that hard, and it makes you look professional! Feel free to correct my grammatical errors.

I also hate how I always get sucked into political arguments on Facebook. It just riles me up and annoys me.

See, it's hard living in a first-rate country. These are the things I have to think about.

The Occupy Wall Street hoo-ha is driving me bonkers. I am willing to bet my chocolate bon-bons that 98% of those "protesting" and likely being paid for their time also voted for President Obama. I'd like to remind you that President Obama has given more to our financial institutions in bail-outs than any other president in history. Incongruities, anyone?

I'm done now. I promise.

Anyway, that's about all I have. I love my baby girl and people like to snuggle her. Here's proof:


mini and brother said...

Those faces are too cute!

Megan@TrueDaughter said...

Your kids are gorgeous, and I have to concur with 99% of what you say about Facebook!And all the Wall Street bologna.

Jen9874 said...

What a sweet picture of your girls!

Cole said...

Looks like a couple of happy babes!!! Even if one hasn't been a baby for years...they're always our babies aren't they?! =)

asplashofsunshine said...

Well POOOOOOO! Clearly our politics differ, but that's ok, our love of baby smiles and making people laugh is similar. :) Oh, but I wouldn't be caught in an Occupy protest if my life depended on it. Just sayin'.

Thoughts for the day said...

wonderful picture of adorable little ones, I do facebook but what I do is write encouraging notes for others to be challenged by and to think about. not so much about me or my family it is for me a way to share the Lord. If others don't like it they can de-friend me.