Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Because we got two children two minutes after we were licensed, it is strange to be in a place where we are foster parents without foster children.

The majority of foster parents are licensed a bit longer before their first placement, so this is new territory for me.

Yesterday we went to Costco and I saw an adorable little Carter's outfit that would have been adorable on Baby Man.

I cried on my way home.

Then, I took Phoebe to a secondhand store and bought her the cutest, girliest little bouncy seat I've ever laid eyes on. I had always been averse to gender-specific baby gear, but I don't have to be, now!

This girl is it!

I have a clever idea for Halloween costumes and I will give you a preview shortly.

Have I told you lately how lovely it is *not* to be pregnant, and how lovely it is to know I *never* have to go through that hell again?

For now, I am off to Google "number of calories in a shot of rum."


Thoughts for the day said...

very funny... shot of rum? least wait till the little ones are asleep so if mom 'takes a nap' they are napping too :o)
Baby man will always hold a special place in your heart... in time it will be a memory that was good, for a season. I pray he is ok and adjusting to his new home.

TiAnna Mae said...

I love your writing style!

asplashofsunshine said...

How many calories? :) Oh wait, maybe you mean that the kids will dress up as a rum bottle, and shot glasses!?!?!? :)

Cole said...

Are there pillow cases and spatulas involved? ;) That was classic last year!! How are you going to top it?? Asher was all about it, I loved it.