Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby Man

We'll love you forever, little man.

And, yes, we will foster again. Probably many more children.

I got to talk to Mama Foster on the phone the other day before court. She said of her 2 year old foster daughter, "She has a hard life. I live her hard life for her, so she doesn't have to."

When people say to us, "I could never do that,"

Our response: "Who will, then?"

Thank you for giving us 9 months of your life.


Anonymous said...

I've never commented on your blog before, but I've been following your story for months. My whole family was praying for your court date and waiting to hear what your decision was. We're so glad that God gave you clear direction and confidence! May HE continue to use your home to love on kids (yours & others!).


Thoughts for the day said...

I am in continual prayer for you and baby man. You gave him security and that is a gift ~ you gave him love and that is a gift ~ you gave him safety and that is a gift ~ now you can pray that as the court issues continue his 'parents will grow up' and become what he needs. If they won't do it then you still know you gave his first beginning months security and love. That will have an effect on him for sure. Be at peace.

asplashofsunshine said...

Ohhh, the many ways you shaped Baby Man! He will continue to flourish, because of all the snuggles, cuddles, love, and so much more you gave to him for so long. Keep your head up high, both figuratively and literally... you're a wonderful woman, and mommy too!