Tuesday, May 3, 2011

doctor's visit

I went to see the Dr. this morning. All was good and things are measuring on target. Now that I am 28 weeks she will see me every 2 weeks with a growth ultrasound every 2 weeks as well, starting in 2 weeks with the perinatologist, at 30 weeks.
I am a tad more likely to develop blood clots in the placenta or my own body, so that's why I am on the baby aspirin until 36 weeks. Also, she explained that if she sees any slow down of growth at the ultrasounds, that would be an indication that there is some clotting and she would take the baby if the slowness of growth was considerable enough (no idea how doctors measure that).

Of course I have been Googling Lovenox vs. no Lovenox, but I've seen two perinatologists as well as two OB's who told me there is no conclusive evidence that Lovenox actually helps with perinatal outcomes. In fact, some studies say it can actually cause placental abruptions. 

So, no more Googling for me.

She did say that while I want a VBAC, I need to keep in mind that with some of my extenuating circumstances, if she sees a need to take the baby early, she won't hesitate to do a c-section (I can't be induced due to the two previous c-sections). I really, really like her and know that she knows my desire but at the end of the appointment she said, "Healthy mom, healthy baby" is what we are after!

I need to remember that instead of thinking I have to have a VBAC. I think it really is one more thing for me to obsess over, and while it works for others, or vagi*nal birth in general works for others, each woman's circumstances are drastically different.


Alisa said...

You're going to rock this birth - no matter how that little lady comes out!

Cole said...

I agree! I'm with the doc on this one!!

Maren said...

Glad to hear the appointment went well and the little lady is growing as she should! Continuing to pray for healthy mom and baby!

Jess said...

Healthy mom, healthy baby!