Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Baby Man's case is a disaster of epic proportions. Backward progress is being made, on all fronts.

Mr. Seventh Heaven Dad told me today that he would recommend a c-section at 39 weeks, if I don't go into labor before then. He also offered weekly non-stress tests and biophysical profiles to put my mind at ease, though he doesn't see any problems with the baby.

I'm trying to figure out if doing those would cause more or less stress on me during these final 9 weeks.

He also recommended flying to Colorado, if I am indeed going to go. My only hesitation is not having a hospital closer than an hour away, but I feel like maybe I'm being paranoid.

Apparently last time, at 22 weeks, one of her ureters was extremely dilated. I did not know about this, and for this I am glad. I would have had 8 weeks to think about more problems like Lucy has...or worse. Today both ureters looked great.

Although, at least Lucy could show her how to cath herself. Maybe it would be a bonding experience? "Hey, Sis, you stick the tube in your bladder like this...and then after, do you want to eat a Freezie Pop?"

Love that Doc. Seriously. He is so great and actually listens to me and my concerns.

I think the medication is kicking in because I am feeling a lot less anxious, about the futures of BOTH babies. It is a good feeling.

I *KNOW* I need to enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. Being my last, I know after she's born I will wish I had enjoyed it more.

Baby Man is looking at me with a grin on his face. How I wish I could share his photo with you. Don't worry, I've taken about 5,938 pictures of him already...and, someday, if he is here to stay, you'll get to see all of them,

from the beginning.


Jenny said...

So glad to hear all is still going well with baby girl.

And I feel the same way about all of Sweet Pea's pictures. We got the most adorable video of her the other day and I hate that I can't share it with the world. Sometimes I feel so jealous of everyone posting all these cute pics and videos of their babies on Facebook...

Thoughts for the day said...

I hope and pray for both of your babies. Looking forward to pictures as you can share.