Sunday, September 12, 2010


I feel sad today. I don't know if it's the anniversary of the ectopic looming ahead, the lull as we wait for the paperwork/government machine to approve us as foster parents, or the flurry of new baby/pregnancy announcements that is making me feel this way.

Usually I would try to "not" feel sad, in an effort to make myself happier, but that just makes me feel worse.

So I am embracing the sadness, not wishing it to go away or hoping it will. I tend to feel panicked when I do that.

Last night we went to another couples' house; we both enjoy their company SO much, and they have a boy and girl very close to our kids' ages. It was SO good.

There are some people I can be around and I don't have to fake it or pretend to be happy.

Because in their presence, I just can "be" and don't have to pretend.

And you know what? That makes me happy.


Cole said...

So sorry you're having a bad day, Rach. You've survived so much and still have more poured upon you right now.

No need to pretend anything. I'm thankful that we have that comfort with each other. It's a wonderful feeling. =)

Crystal's Ministry Updates said...

praying for you

Melanie said...

Friends like that are priceless!

Alisa said...

*smiling* love this.

Renee said...

Very well said.