Monday, September 27, 2010


The moms at Lucy's school are all pretty laid back and everyone drops their kids off with messy hair and sweat pants. Scott swears there's a secret pact between moms to wear black "kung-fu" (capri) pants and talk about mini vans. After we got the mini van he said, "Now you can join the secret society."

I am looking at two granola bar wrappers right by the computer desk, and lots of crumbs. This room is really messy and I don't feel like cleaning.

Wow, there really is a whole wasteland of blogs out there just like mine, huh. Does anyone care? Not really.

Which is why I am no longer on Facebook. Can't say I miss it. A Facebook relationship is not a real relationship.

So, tonight is our second to last foster/adopt This is moving fast.

Buckle in.

And also, what do they put in Diet Coke? Crack? I am starting to need "fixes" of the stuff.

Last Saturday I took the kids to an art fair and witnessed two people fighting over a parking space. A cop had to get involved and take my name and number in case he had questions. He looked like he just had his 12th birthday party. I wanted to offer him some Silly Bands.

The lack of parking was insane. Then, this lady with 3 teeth offered to let me park on her lawn for $3.

Yeah, lady, and when I come back, my car will be up on blocks.

No spank you.

OK, that's all I got.


Cole said...

Oh the moments that make up our lives! =) Excited for Lucy...and that you've finally broken into the secret society!

Jess said...

I too wear black yoga pants far more often than I should and I do drive the old minivan.

Yes, the blogosphere is full of blogs just like ours. It is sort of like ice cream, the same thing just different flavors. It is great when you find a few blogs that are just your flavor and can ditch the rest.

Kathy McC said...

You quit facebook?! Am sad and slightly envious!

Welcome to the secret society. We have dried french fries from under the passenger seat just for you.