Friday, September 10, 2010


Facebook is something I enjoy but it's also something that is really hard for me. It's hard to be having a great day and then log on to see 3 pregnancy announcements, wham, out of the blue, all from people who have recently had babies. Or just pregnancy/baby announcements in general.

Don't misunderstand. I am happy for my friends. VERY happy. But to stick my nose in it? Day in and day out? I've got better things to do.

This is my blog and I get to be honest. We know what direction we're going and we are so thrilled and excited about that. And I know when those babies are placed in my arms it won't matter where the heck they came from. They will have a place in our hearts, home and lives, and it just gives me chills to know that those kiddos are or are not already born. But they need us and we need them.

One day, that will be us, scrambling to Target to pick up newborn or toddler supplies, making excited phone calls and grinning ear to ear at each other. Excited emails, family members meeting our children for the first time, all of it. We will have it again. We will.

But tonight? Tonight I am tired, and I am going to tuck my sweet kiddos in and go watch Dexter.

No more Facebook.

It's torture.


Jenny said...

Wow. I definitely could have written this exact post this week. So strange how we continue to be in the exact same place even though we're miles away. Thanks for being there friend!

Renae said...

I decided late last night after getting your message yesterday that you are right. I needed a break from it too. I haven't been on all day and my mood is so much better than yesterday! Left you a voicemail last night. Call me when you can! Chris even said I should call you - love the husband endorsement of my friend time!

msfitzita said...

I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes Facebook IS total torture. All the back-to-school photos and stories were particularly hard over the last month or so, since Thomas would have started Kindergarten this past week.

I also mentally stutter over profile pictures of babies and ultrasounds used in place of photos of the actual owners of the Facebook account.

And yet I still manage to get sucked in and waste hours every day...

korin said...

Dexter can fix anything. Well, sort of ;) xo xo