Monday, August 2, 2010

so, where was i

We filled out a bunch of paperwork yesterday, and this is feeling more and more real.

It really makes you think about why you are doing this and what your goals are together, as a family, and individually.

I know people think we are silly/naive to be going into foster/adopting. To that I say, we've thought long and hard (ooh, long and hard) about it, and this is what's best for our family right now. I also love how people say, "Well, it will be really hard to do." followed my blog for the last 18 months?!


It's like, so totally easy to have a kid without a but*t hole and a poop bag, have panic attacks with the second one because I'm just sure at any second he's going to be stillborn (I was sitting there the night before he was born, cursing everyone who had bought me baby clothes because I knew I'd have to return them all), even though he's completely healthy...yelling at the doctor after she pulls him out of the scalpel-created opening in my abdomen, "DOOOOOOOES HEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAVE A BUTTTTTTHOOOOOOOLE?" the doctors are laughing because he does and they admit that that's the first thing they checked...

miscarry and then miscarry some more, lose a tube, have a panic attack in the middle of the McDonald's drive through after the last ultrasound from hell, where I am trying to order "hot chocolate" and it comes out as "chock hocolate",

Just a regular barrel of monkeys of fun!

I also say I need to mow, shower, and vacuum.

Oh, and why do my kids only whine for me, not their father?

like mother, like daughter (that is our new kitchen paint color):

Why is it cuter on her?


Cole said...

You are making a beautiful decision and I'm glad you have stated it rather than asked about it. Keep walking the path, it may have bumps but after what you've been through, you're certainly ready for them! You guys are awesome, I feel so blessed to be in your life and watch your family grow.

Claire said...

1. What Cole said.
2. It is most definitely just as cute on you.
3. You are awesome.
4. Grace is everywhere.