Tuesday, August 17, 2010

smells and sounds

So last night at foster/adopt class we did an exercise where we had to pretend to be the foster child leaving the only home we know and entering a new situation.

The leader said, "Close your eyes and imagine the sounds of your house: a ticking clock, soft music. imagine the smells. Perhaps an apple pie cooking?"

Scott and I immediately started snickering. Laughing in what was supposed to be this very serious exercise.

The minute we got out the door he said, "those aren't the smells and sounds in our house. The smell is poop and the sound is whining."

And we both agreed, then and there, that we wouldn't have it any other way.


marcia said...

Love it!! :)
Besides, the kids want REAL homes...right? :)

Cole said...

So, was the teacher delusional? Do these kids really get taken out of homes where fresh baked apple pies are being baked?

Sorry, it brought the skeptic out in me. =) The smells of your house will be perfect for the coming addition! I think you guys are so brave and wonderful for taking this adventure!

Melodie said...

had to laugh! :) This is great!