Monday, August 2, 2010


Tonight is our second foster/adopt class.

The last one made us have even more questions, but Asher is sitting in a Princess chair with no underwear on so I suppose I should prioritize. He is saying, "Look at me butt pants."

What is he, a pirate?

So, anyway, tonight.

A friend who has also had 3 miscarriages and an ectopic was blogging about how now she is expecting in a different way, and people notice.

Yes. This. I feel a calm I haven't felt in months; the fact that I am or could be ovulating soon is of not as much consequence as it used to be.

This weekend we went on a girls' weekend and it was so. much. fun. One of the things that made it so much fun was that I could sit in my room tweezing my face and watching this movie on Lifetime and NO ONE WAS ASKING ME FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One girl had just found out she was pregnant the day before, so no drinky-drink. It was fun to talk to her about all things pregnancy, but it didn't make me crazy.


Read this, too.

I will post pictures sometime soon. We haven't mowed our lawn since July 10, so we are those neighbors.

Scott gave me a hug last night and told me I smelled like I've been sweating at a lake. I suppose that means it is time to shower? Or do I wait a day?


Cole said...

NICE!! And, I say wait one more day, just because you can! ;)

Jenny said...

I like this post. Not only because I'm mentioned in it (which never ceases to make me feel exceedingly special), but because of the sense of calm you're feeling these days. Just thinking back to our past months/years, who would have thought we'd have found a sense of peace with it all?