Thursday, August 5, 2010


Gonna close my eyes, gonna watch you go, running through this life, darlin', like a field of snow.
                                                                                     - David Gray

I watched you sleep last night.

You begged to be in my bed, as you usually do at night. You're three, and I suppose we should make you sleep in your own little domicile, but something about your badly-buttoned pajama tops endear you to me.

You snuggle down in, your sweaty head resting on my arm. Face in pillow, you proffer up your hand. We've danced this dance a million times.

I scratch your hand and watch you fall asleep. The thought occurs to me that something is firing in your brain. It happens all the time, I know, but I watch you and wonder what neurons are connecting, which synapse is being built because I am scratching your hand,

kissing your head.

How does this moment influence who you will be?

Maybe I think too much, and maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe the only thing that matters is this moment, that it's here, and gone, and you and I will continue on with life.

Or maybe life is really just a conglomeration of those moments, badly filtered and put together in the human brain to make a mosaic.

Maybe these little moments are the only ones that matter.


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Michelle said...

Oh how I love those moments. And I'm positive they will shape who our kids become. Great reflection!

Cole said...

Love those moments!!