Tuesday, August 31, 2010

don't dwell

Soon I will have a guest post up on incourage. I'm excited about this. It's a post I've always wanted to write, and the day I got to write it, to experience what I wanted to write about, was a special day. Indeed.

Today I learned that a dear, dear friend is pregnant. I am SO excited for her and wishing healthy, happy twins. A boy and a girl, if you were wondering.

Of course, with every pregnancy announcement that comes from the mouths of those I love comes the sadness and anxiety over my own waiting. I just tried to encourage a friend yesterday, with the words, "Don't expect so much of yourself. Allow the feelings to come and don't expect yourself not to feel a twang of sadness. Just let the feeling come and then let the feeling go and keep on keeping on."

You know, I think that really is the trick. We are human and so we will feel human things. The sin lies in burrowing our hearts in it, or giving the emotion too much time to hang on. It is what it is and trying to not make it so is not going to help anything. Emotions are tricky things and they come and go on their own whim. Don't build your house on that sandy shore or carry your eggs in that basket, etc., etc...

My friend realized this today because right before we got off the phone she said, "Thanks, Rach, for being so happy for me."

And I know what she meant and she knew what she meant and I love her for it.

Girl, I can't wait. And I know when I have my news, whatever the news is, you'll be just as excited for me.

Ok, time for the happy "you're pregnant" scream:



quinnley said...

Your blog is my brain right now.

ib said...

Rachel, I hope this finds you well. I posted a comment on one of your posts and after submitting it, saw that it was from November, 2008. I was diagnosed with OCD some time ago. I'm probably too late but I wanted to extend an invitation to my own blog, entitled "The Habitual Hobbit". I just started but I plan on getting into OCD and anxiety in hopes of helping others that may be trying to simply just "live" with it.