Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well, last week sometime I wrote a note to other women who've been diagnosed with Factor V Leiden and MTHFR. I told them what my perinatologist said about not really needing anything in a future pregnancy, not needing blood thinner or anything. They basically told me he was smoking crack, and if I wanted a stillbirth or blood clots in my head to go for it.

Sound fun?

So, I'm going for a second opinion. I love love love my OB. She is wonderful, really wonderful. I called her with my concerns and she made me an appointment with the perinatologist who saw me when I was pregnant with Asher. From the time I called to the time of the appointment? 55 minutes.

I think she feels sorry for me. Actually, she said so. Hey, whatever gets things done, right? If I had tried to schedule this appointment as a fairly new patient, I GUARANTEE you, it would have taken 2 weeks.

I'm not willing to risk going through a pregnancy unmedicated if it means harm for me or the baby. I asked her and she said a second opinion was very wise. She admitted she doesn't know enough about blood clotting disorders to prescribe me something herself. I guess after all we've been through with Lucy and doctors, I admire a doctor telling me, "Hey, I don't know." Medicine is really a crap shoot, 89% of the time.

So many women from this board told me stories where the doctor said, "Nah, you don't need anything..." then they had another loss and the same doc said, "Oh, maybe we'll try a blood thinner next time." Thanks, dude. It wasn't YOU carrying the remains of your dead baby into the office in a Zip Loc bag the last time, was it, now?

Um, no thanks. Let's do all we can this time, shall we?

So, ovulating sometime this week, and if I do get pregnant this cycle, then I'll meet with the perinatologist in time to start blood thinners, if that's what she prescribes. If I don't get pregnant, then I can have wine and not worry about malformed butt holes, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancies and tube loss, cord accidents, Trisomy 13, 18 and 21, Potter's Syndrome, HLHS, anencephaly, and amniotic band syndrome.

Hey, I never claimed sanity.


Jenny said...

Good for you for getting a second opinion. I look forward to hearing what this new doctor has to recommend. Keep me posted.

Amanda said...

SO glad you're getting a second opinion. I have to say, I was pretty shocked when the peri told you you wouldn't need anything. Have you considered seeing a hematologist? My OB sent me right there when my results came back and he's the one who actually recommended the blood thinners.

Sara said...

Hey...I just got caught up.
I have a friend who has MTHFR (found out after 2 miscarriages). Her doctor also told her she just needed baby aspirin, but she pushed for the injections...and she has the cutest little munchkin to show for it...

Anyway, just thought I'd offer some encouragement. And I definitely think a second opinion is in order.

marcia said...

Glad you are going for that second opinion! As you already know, we have one heparin and three lovenox grandchildren from our Factor V Leiden DIL....and I can't argue with success like that! Right after delivery, she was switched to coumadin for six weeks.

Rach said...


I have a girlfriend who has Factor V. With BOTH pregnancies she HAD to do Lovenox/Heparin and was on COMPLETE bed rest. I think you were a wise woman to seek a second opinion.

The two kiddos she had are perfect and gorgeous. I pray for you ALL the time. I just wanted to let you know you have been in my thoughts and prayers.


Sabrina said...

I had no idea the Dr told you no meds! That is really insane! Dave's cousin has this. She has a 4 year old and has had 5 miscarriages. The last 2 she was on baby asprin and still miscarried but they hung on strong until 10-12 weeks. I'm not sure what they are doing now and I'll let her tell me when she's ready. She tried killing herself twice in the past year from the grief in the past few yrs.

Carrie said...

I have 2 friends as well dx with MTHFR and both needed lovenox during their pregnancies. One has known for a long time about her condition and is preg w#5 right now, the other found out when she was ttc #2 and had 5 m/c before the MTHFR was dx. Once they put her on injections no more m/c for her.

I hope the second opinion goes well!