Friday, July 24, 2009


It is slightly amazing that a family reunion that started in 1981 with 19 people has ballooned, 27 years later, to 47 people. (that is a whole heck of a lot of broken condoms, people.)

My father and his 4 siblings started the reunion and decided to meet for 1 week every 2 years in the Colorado mountains.

Is it amazing to you that EVERY single descendant made it to the reunion this year? That there are NO fights, and that everyone gets along splendidly?

We split up into groups of 4 to fix the morning and evening meals, so it ends up costing each person $25 for a week of food. Scott and I fed our family of 4 for $50 this week.

a numbers breakdown of the attendees:

2 babies
3 two year olds
3 four year olds
3 six year olds
1 preteen
2 teenagers
4 twenty-somethings
14 thirty-somethings
3 forty-somethings
2 fifty-somethings
8 sixty-somethings
2 seventy-somethings
1 matriarch who is 97 and unable to come this year.

We went out for "cousin's night" the other night and I managed to:

1. Embarass my brothers by telling them they need to settle down and get married
2. Grab my girl cousins' boobs and tell them they need to be models
3. Get all my drinks free, because my cousins paid for them
4. Ask my cousin Luke, in front of his girlfriend, when he was planning on getting married
5. watch my cousin Jackie dance on the bar
6. watch my cousin Audrey sing an opera for everyone at the bar
7. Tell the bartender he looks like a small Irish leprechaun
8. Hope the bartender didn't garnish my drink with roofies

what was the point of this post?

Oh, yeah. My family is a freak of nature.

We all like each other, a lot. No one is ready to go home.

Pictures to come.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun! Glad you had a good time.


marcia said...

What a great tribute to that 97 year old matriarch!! She did something right, for sure! Where do you go in the mountains, Rach? Rent a big lodge somewhere for all of you? Such fun!!

Mrs. CRM said...

and 1 x girlfriend,(not yours of course) as you would state it to the whole clan, and 1 college roommate as I would put it:) Love ya, so great to see you!!