Wednesday, July 1, 2009

14 things to do when you leave home.

1. Have the people moving into your house waiting in their truck on the street while you and 9 of your closest family members run around, trying to fit 3 square blocks of stuff into a 26 foot truck, in 30 minutes.

2. Have the people moving into your house leave their cats in your basement. Then, have your sister in law's nephew tell you that one of the cats has escaped.

Watch your husband FREAK THE HECK OUT.

3. Tell the people moving into your house your life story, while they puff lazily on cigarettes.

4. Introduce the people moving into your house to all of the neighbors. (Hear your husband groan, however inaudibly.)

5. Try to find a place for the spoons and spatulas, and have your daughter ask you, "Mommy, where are you putting the spanking spoons?" It's all about perspective.

6. Forget the utensils so everyone has to eat KFC sides with their hands. (Remind yourself to purposely forget the utensils next time, just to watch this again.)

7. Wear your kids out so splendidly that they curl up in the fetal position on the new house's hall floor.

8. Don't change your children's diapers for seven hours, so that they actually have to beg you for new Huggies.

9. Take too much time wiping out the freezer at the old house so that your husband has to usher you out the door and tell you that new memories will be made at the new house.

Cry anyway.

10. Feed the kids popsicles in the front yard, look up and down the street, take a reallydeepbreathandswallowtears.

11. Wonder what the heck you are doing.

12. Fall in love with your new place, revel in the "oohs" and "aahs" of your family.

13. Revel in this chaotic, hectic moment. Breathe it in. Thank God He gave you these wonderful, imperfect people, with huge hearts and strong arms to help you celebrate.

(Celebrating is moving boxes, did you know?)

13. Lie wide awake next to your very tired husband in your new master bedroom under a new ceiling fan.

Watch the moonlight dripping down the walls and onto your toes.

14. Let the smile overtake your face.


Linda said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your post...

congrats on your new house!

Maranatha said...

I am so happy for you! Getting a new place sounds FABULOUS!

jen said...

So glad you are finally in! BTW, I so would have eaten KFC with my fingers:)

Kevin & Lauren said...

Oh I am SOOO excited for you guys. I'm sure it IS difficult moving - what with all of the memories you've made at the place you were and all. I laughed out loud at number 8. I've definitely forgotten for that long. I think it's hilarious that they asked. =)

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Yay for new houses!

And the cat, did it get found?

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad you guys are in your new house. Congratulations!


Rachel D. said...

WAHOOOO! So happy you are in your new home and closer to me. : )

knit_tgz said...

Congratulations and enjoy your new house!

Blog Stalker said...

Congratulations! Enjoy every moment.

Renee said...

Congratulations on surviving a very emotionally packed day.
I look forward to hearing about your new memories and stories of this new chapter of your life.

gretchen from lifenut. said...

Congratulations to all of you, Rach!

Congratulations, Rach's house! You have no idea how lucky you are to shelter such a great family.