Tuesday, May 19, 2009

manna is rot

I'm pretty sure it's too early to test, but I got BFN. I have been told that 8 DPO is too early - and I suppose, considering that even with both twin pregnancies I didn't show a BFP until 13 DPO, I should probably just chill.

Scott and I took the kids out for Mexican last night. Lucy had a tummy ache and was SO bloated, so she laid across my lap. Somehow, miraculously, she still had wherewithall to snatch a french fry now and again, dip it in some ketchup, and resume her supine position.

I commented on how stinkin' sweet these ages are, and how I love watching them develop so much. It is so true. Watching them chase each other on their tricycles, fight over strawberries, get territorial over "their" swing (I swear, they're like a pack of dogs. Each kid has his or her own swing on the swingset). I love hearing Asher's sweet voice saying words only I understand. I love hearing Lucy sing along to "Dragon Tales."

I really, really love this stage.

And then I was thinking that I really need to take a chill. Pregnant or not, house selling or not, it really doesn't matter, does it? God will supply my needs for the day. Manna, if you will.

And as we all know (or maybe you don't), manna is rot if you try to save it.


Melodie Brunell said...

You have that right!

Jennifer said...

I love your perspective! And you are so right. And from your last post, your mama is right too. You are allowed to be sad. You have been given unperfect in human eyes. You are doing the best you can in uncharted waters. You make me proud. And you make me feel strong.

quinnley said...

uh, i didn't understand anything from that first paragraph.

gretchen from lifenut said...

Yup. Chuck the manna every night.

Translating on Rach's behalf for those not versed in the lingo:

BFN: Big Fat Negative pregnancy test

DPO: Days past ovulation

BFP: Big Fat Positive pregnancy test

Chill: What Rach is going to do.