Thursday, December 11, 2008

slightly schnockered

My cousin came over tonight and my husband pulled out his bartender hat and made us margaritas.

The were very good. I had two.

I completely organized the garage today.

Maybe this is why we got mrgaritas AND he put the kids to bed?

Today Lucy came over to me in a very public place and said very loudly, "Mommy, my cli*toris itches."

Maybe that's why I am drinking.


Thirsty Girl said...

than you very much. I just inhaled popcorn down the wrong pipe after reading what Lucy said. Oh my gosh oh my oh my. I am laughing so hard.

Sanctus said...

Holy anatomy lessons there, Rach!

Thirsty Girl said...

oops...I meant "thank" you rather than "than" you. Perhaps I was schnockered when I commented.

quinnley said...

this post is just awesome. enough said.

benjamin67 said...

lol...we had the exact same experience with the only with the word penis.

Serves you right for using anatomically correct words. :D