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You know what? Sometimes, I definitely share too much. In this blog, and in real life. And then I am left feeling really exposed and like I said too much. Here's the thing, though: I am not going to apologize for being honest. I'm not going to apologize for voicing things that other people feel, but would never, ever say. I have never been anything but genuine, and I'm not going to stop now!

I started thinking, "Oh, what if the people who read that post think this or that about me?" But you know what? That's just the price you pay when you blog. And for me, blogging is a wonderful outlet. I feel SO much better after I've blogged something out, and then I can forget about it.

It's not about some big character flaw, or not realizing the blessings I have. It's about the fact that some days, certain emotions come over you. They do, and that's fine, as long as you don't stay in that place.

And I'm no longer in that place! It was a transient thing. I wasn't sitting around thinking, "I am so jealous! I can't snap out of my jealousy!" It was a momentary feeling, a "snippet", if you will, that I chose to blog about. And, as someone else said, every blog is just a snippet of someone's life.

So, moving on. Or, as Lucy would say, "HOORAY!"

Let's all jump for joy, shall we?

This weekend we are going to a wedding, and I'm trying to figure out what Lulu should wear. I know, such a pressing agenda. The big question is, "Will I have time to watch Passions and Dr. Phil today, with all I have to do?"

We're working with dresses we already have, as Lucy's closet is full and I am a collossal tight wad. (Thanks, Scott.)

This dress or this one?

And what color shoes to go with it?

Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it.


Rachel said...

Lily and I picked the pink dress. Omg, does that surprise you?!?! Both are very cute though. : )

Alyssa said...

i like the pink too!

Amy said...

The pink one for sure.

And I'm glad you don't feel "sorry" for blogging. What fun would a blog be to read if it was the same boring stuff all the time? Life isn't the same boring stuff all the time.

Marcy said...
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Marcy said...

I choose the pink dress with black shoes and cute tights. It's probably going to be chilly up here. Both dresses are cute, though. See you soon! Have a safe trip!

Lori said...

Hey Rach! I would vote for the pink...though they are both super cute! I'm looking forward to seeing you soon! Love ya!

Bridgit said...

Definitely the pink dress, it's very girly. I'd say white or silver shoes!

gretchen from lifenut said...

The pink! Either choice is cute, but the pink says wedding more than the other dress.

(for the record, I've never doubted your genuineness. you are the real deal, and I admire your no-apologies, honest, unflinching style)

Jess said...

I like the pink. And I would wear black or brown mary janes with it.

We have a bunch of dresses too, if you want I can bring along some on Wednesday! Not saying your choices aren't wonderful, but it can be fun to share. ;-)

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

going against the norm, i like the black one, at least i think it is black.

i wasn't questioning your honesty or genuineness but what do you expect people to comment on when you write so honestly? expect honesty back. or close the comments.

Lee said...

Pink dress, chocolate brown ballet type slipper shoes.
Will anyone even notice the shoes when someone as adorable as Lucy is sporting them?

just1 said...

Oh, that means I get to see you--and your little cuties! Pink dress is cute AND warmer. I'm going dress shopping with my girls tomorrow. Unlike your little Lulu, we don't have appropriate wedding attire right now. Oh, I hope we find something good, but not astronomically expensive!

Rebecca Batey Fradin said...

Pink dress and black shoes! Hahah. Cutieeeeee pie.

Kevin & Lauren said...

If you're really wondering what people think of you for what you call "sharing too much" you should just look at your readership. I think you'd find that a lot of people (myself included) are secretly envious of your ability to bare it all and wish that they could be as vulnerable - because it's so cathartic, and honest. You say the things the rest of us wish we could say - and we love you for it.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The pink dress is precious!


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