Tuesday, October 21, 2008

proof that I can still accessorize

Lucy and Asher, looking confused.

our completed house!

our solitary seasonal gourd. We decided it needed to have eyes so it could be a swan. "Fly, little swan! Fly!" Soon, I am sure, we will find it on the ground, smashed to smithereens. Asher kept wanting to cuddle with it.

berries at my aunt and uncle's, straight from their garden! Yes, Asher had diahrrea. And yes, everyone warned me. But look how much he loved them!

My master chef uncle Dave, who I secretly have a crush on. Seriously. He knows everything about everything, and he cooks like you wouldn't believe.

Lucy and one of their cats. These cats were raised from 2 days by my aunt and uncle and cousin Audrey, so they are SWEET cats!

My dad and Ash at the pumpkin patch.

My sweet aunt Lindy and the kiddos. Linda was never out of Lucy's line of vision. She just attached herself to her! Their hospitality was awesome. Like staying at a 5 star resort!
Lucy carries that God-forsaken bag around with her everywhere she goes. It's wrinkled and nasty. She takes after me.

My best friend from childhood and the maid of honor, Lori

Lori, shortly after Lucy removed herself from Lori's lap. (Yes, that's pee.)

How grown up is he??????

Lucy hugged Amy so long in the reception line that I had to peel her off. What is it about little girls at weddings? The bride looked GORGEOUS! Just glowing.

What's that? Rachel is wearing a necklace AND a bracelet? And her purse isn't some monstrosity she got on clearance? It actually matches her outfit! And she straightened her hair? I really thought the only time I might be wearing jewelry was when I was in a casket. So this is really something. And please, don't tell me the necklace is all wrong for the neck of the shirt. You might make me jump off a bridge.

I may be able to put a necklace on, but obviously there is some trouble in managing the children. Lori's sis Bets is in this picture, along with one of my other moms growing up, Marceil. Asher is looking for some Jim Beam, at this point. I swear. Men and weddings.

Lori's sister Krista and her son Ezra. I wanted to eat him up, but I didn't think that would be appropriate. SO YUMMY!

He fell asleep while we were all gabbing. My dad just laid him on the floor!

Do these kinds of pictures just warm your heart, or do they warm your heart? I LOVE watching my dad interact with my son. It's SO cool.

Walking back to the car. Do you notice we are the only car in the lot? Any time I go anywhere with my parents, we are the last ones to leave.

It was a good weekend. I want to do it again. And Scott loved the silence at home. I'm not sure he even really missed us.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! Such cute pictures, I wish I could have been home when you visited! Looks like you all had a nice little vacation. I really like the picture with Skylar! My baby boy!


marcia said...

All three of you looked great for the wedding! :) That is a totally different dress on Lucy than the two choices you showed us before...she looks just toooo grown up!
I see you solved the problem of what color to paint the shutters on the house by simply removing them! Good choice....the complete picture is very nice! Now about that Granny car in the driveway..... :):) Just kidding....you know that! :)

benjamin67 said...

We have almost the exact same sign in our pictures from Cox's Farm. There must be a "how tall this fall" industry.

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

I love the pictures. I loved seeing everyone. My mom said she saw you guys and that your kids are just so cute!

Okay, don't take this wrong but any picture that I've ever seen of your mom reminds me of pictures of woman in the olden days. I think it's because I rarely see her smile in pics and I know she has a great smile!

Renee K said...

Thanks SO much for sharing the pics! I loved them. LOL I'm so glad I'm not the only one who never wears jewelry... I don't understand necklines or colors or if that goes with this. Shirt, bottoms... what more can a person ask for???
Anyway -- looks like you guys had a fabulous time!
Thanks again for sharing!

Joy said...

The only car in the parking lot...ack! Your parents must be a LOT like mine in that area. We were always the last to leave, and now I do that to my children. :)