Tuesday, October 7, 2008

nice guy

I think it's funny that I am trying not to read so many blogs but I still blog. Isn't that some sort of illegal behavior?

I was thinking yesterday how often we human-types are wont to look around at all we don't have instead of what we do have. I am reading a book about a woman who is on the cusp of a relationship with two different men. It's sort of like the movie "Sliding Doors", where the main character sees what her life is like if she were to fall in love with one guy instead of the other. Anyway, one of the men is strong, steady, sweet, secure. The other is volatile, passionate, exciting, weak.

Guess which one I want her to choose? Guess which one I chose? And I'm glad I chose him. And I'm glad I made that list when i was 14: things I absolutely had to have in a man. I should write it out here for you all to laugh at. But it served me well!

If you have a guy who treats you well, provides a great life for you, listens to you, respects you, lies to you (tells you your burnt lasagna is delicious, even though it tastes like possum pie), reads to your kids, mows the lawn and spends 4 hours of a sunny Saturday fixing things in the house that you want fixed, TELL him!

For the love of all that is good and sweet, tell him! Send him an email, call him, text him.

Tell him how grateful you are that he is there for you. Do you realize that so many women don't have the kind of guy that you do?

Tell him. It will make his day.


Anonymous said...

Nicely said Rach. Too many times our nice guys are taken for granted by us. I am going to go tell him now. ; ) Thanks for sharing your infinite words of wisdom.


Kristin said...

So true!! If you women out there have a man like that, you are one of the VERY lucky and VERY, VERY few. :)

And if anyone knows a single one out there like this, PLEASE let me know, LOL.

Jess said...

I also have a decent, hardworking, nice guy. He is a good husband, a good father and I couldn't have found a better man to marry.

What a great post!

Alisa said...

So true. I told my man, yes I did.