Wednesday, October 8, 2008

living in a small home

I've talked about how the push in our society is always for the bigger and the better. And it's hard not to feel like you're being left behind when all of your friends have 4 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms, plenty of space to entertain and lounge about.

I was thinking this morning, though. I am so happy in our little home! It's only when I go to my friends' houses that the roots of discontent set in. So I jotted some of the things about living in a smaller home that I love.

1. Our kids get to share a room. Two of my brothers shared a room growing up, even though we had an enormous house. They actually preferred the room sharing, until they got to be teenagers, of course. If I put one of the children to bed without the other one, WE HEAR ABOUT IT! They adore laughing and playing with each other well past their appointed "bed time". Having them share a room has been an unexpted blessing. What memories they are making!

2. One bathroom to clean - a small kitchen to clean. I hate to clean.

3. Huge back yard. Everyone comments on how big and spacious our back yard is. Our kids spend so much time playing in the back yard, Lu on the red trike and Ash on the pink one. (Scott calls him a fembot.)

4. Very low utility bills. I have never thought about it, but naturally, if you have a much smaller house, you're going to be paying 3 to 4 times less what someone in a large house pays in utilities.

5. Cozy, cozy, cozy! Our home is undeniably cozy, and cute. I have finally gotten it just about how I want it. I love that I can look for something to decorate this or that space, but I don't have to feel overwhelmed with trying to decorate or fill an entire room. I love just snuggling in on a fall afternoon or evening, Scott in his recliner and me on the couch, Prison Break on the bo*ob tube! I usually have a candle going and take a break to bake cookies. It's a neat feeling, knowing the kids are just down the hall.

6. I remember telling my mom I never wanted a huge house like the one I grew up in. Small would be good for me! She remembers that and reminds me of that every time I get the "wants".

7. Selectivity about what we buy. We have limited space to store things, so I have to be very selective about what I purchase. We didn't have to buy a bunch of furniture to fill up rooms, and many times I'll want to buy something but we don't have room for it. I don't miss it!

Contentment is such a gift. I am pra ying that God keeps me focused on the things that matter, and in the meantime, I am loving my little house! (With the new paint and new roof - I need to post a picture!)


Jessie said...

Amen! I needed to hear that. :)

Elizabeth said...

I needed to hear it too! Sometimes I lament the lack of storage, but there are so many things we HAVE that we never USE! I'd toss it all if I could just convince my husband. Simpler is easier.

Kether said...

There are many wonderful things about small homes. I loved reading about yours..
and the utility bills...amen sister! As you know we went from 1475 to 2370 (big to me, not to others)and the change in the bills was pretty big...specially since we went from an evaporative cooler to central air..
I'm happy we made our move, but it doesn't make me love our former little house any less...and that makes me happy, too.

Rachel said...

I am always rejoicing when it is cleaning time! One bathroom, little kitchen, two bedrooms! It takes no time at all!
One time this winter I was commenting about how our heating bill had made it over $100. Well I commenting to the wrong person!!! Her bill for her big house was almost $200 more than mine!

Jen said...

great post! I often find myself envious of my brother and sister who have much bigger houses. A much needed read for me today :)

Joy said...

I have a big house now that my basement is finished! That boosted us over the 1,000 sq ft mark! AND I now have TWO bathrooms. :)
I really enjoy my cozy little house, just like the previous oweners did. I enjoyed your post, and I greatly identify with it. Small houses are so great!

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I ditto the amen! I love cute small houses! The one(s) I grew up in were always small and I hope for a small one too. With lots of kids crammed in one room - we had double bunks growing up in one of them...4 kids....and I turned out happy!

Jess said...

Did you see Glenn Beck last night? His parody of Obama and the "new" national anthem was funny and I know you would enjoy it. Sure you can find it on his website.

A bigger house is a lot harder to keep clean. We have just under 3000 square feet and I spend a huge portion of each day just cleaning. I have friends with 6000 sq. ft. + and I have no idea how you can even use that much space! As it is we never use our dining room and our foyer is a huge amount of wasted space. And it is so much more expensive to heat and cool. Small houses are fantastic!

Alisa said...

I agree! I love small homes.