Sunday, October 5, 2008


I can go to the Home Depot for some painting supplies.

I can listen to worship music in my 88 Oldsmobile, rocking along and feeling good, as much as one can possibly rock in an 88 Olds with a Christian music station on and two toddler chairs in the back seat.

I can wonder why so many Christians don't act like Christians, when the whole world is full of souls desperate to see the presence of God, the true God, somewhere.

I can pray to God that He can use me to bring others to Him.

In the next millisecond, I can yell, "ASSHOLE!" as loud as I can, to the guy who just cut me off.


benjamin67 said...

Short and profound…truly the fallen state of humanity

K D said...

Thanks for the morning laugh!!!!

I needed it.

Ruhiyyih Rose said...

I was listening to a praise song on my iPod one second and then I gave double middle fingers the next to a driver that honked rudely while I was crossing the street.

Turned out to be my co-worker saying hi.

It gets worse: she had her kids in the car too...

Now, I wave wildly to all cars that honk at are so not alone and I feel your pain!!

Jess said...

This made me crack up!

And Ruh, wow, that is so funny and sad all at the same time. :-)

ko said...

Oh, I am glad to see that it's not just me who does these things.

I was praying with our youth pastor while driving. (Yes, I pray with my eyes open while driving.) So I of course had full oportunity to see the jerk who cut me off without signaling and it provided the chance for the pastor to hear the following.

"And Lord, we would just like to....MOTHER F***ER!!! WHAT THE HELL?!@?"

Ah, yes. Swearing while praying. I am such an instrument for His work. *sigh*

Laura Jenkins said...

I about spit out my coffee reading the comments to this post.

I am indeed a daughter of God, a Christian, a mother, a wife and yes, I am also NOT PERFECT!

So when I am in the middle of my dinner prayer I see out of the corner of my eye that Emma has dumped her entire bowl of mac and cheese on the newly shampooed carpet and I am silently cursing at myself for giving her food before we are done praying.....well I know that God forgives me for my imperfectness and also gives me the wisdom to NOT GIVE FOOD TO 2 YEAR OLD until we are done :)

kate said...

LOL! I love this post & the comments! Indeed none of us is perfect! And honey, as long as it's not your toddler cursing at the other drivers, you are ahead of my family. Heh. By the way, C. doesn't commute with daddy any more...